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    4 Things to Negotiate Besides the Listing Price



    For many buyers, especially first time home buyers, a sale is dependent on one major thing: the ticket price. The listed value of the home is obviously very important when it comes to buying the home, but there are other alternatives to negotiate your way into the house of your dreams without changing the listing price.


    Closing Costs

    Buyers need to be prepared to pay an additional percentage (typically about 2-5%) of the purchase price of the home in closing costs. This is an area that can be negotiated between both parties! If the list price isn’t able to budge, ask your realtor about having the seller contribute or pay all of the closing costs. 


    Closing Date

    If you’re ready to get out of your place STAT, negotiating the closing date is the way to go. Sure, you might not be able to budge the final price of the home, but will it matter in the end if you’re able to move into your new abode weeks (or more) sooner?!


    Furniture or Appliances

    This is a huge make or break for many new homeowners. Not every house will come stocked and prepped with a washer/dryer, fridge, or other types of appliances. Ask if these are negotiable with the sellers when writing your contract! This may help you out even more amidst these pandemic times as production is significantly backed up. 



    Is the bathroom in the middle of a renovation that wasn’t finished? Does the deck out back need to be stained again? How are the carpets holding up? If there are several changes you know you want to make in the home prior to signing a contract, ask if the seller is willing to pitch in on costs. It’s possible these repairs or improvements were also on their list of house to-dos but never got around to them. Whether they help with the cost or do the repairs themselves, it’s worth asking to negotiate.


    What are some items you’ve wondered if it’s worth negotiating when buying a home? Send me a message!

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