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    5 Things To Do Before Listing Your Property



    If you’re serious about listing your Franklin home to sell this year, get ready to tackle these 5 things below!


    Professional Listing Photos

    Stage the rooms, get better, natural lighting, and make sure the photos accurately reflect the size of each of the rooms. This is the first impression buyers will get of the property, so make them dream about wanting to see the space in person!


    Mark What Will Stay and What Will Go

    The light fixture, curtains, certain decor, everything. Write down what you plan to leave in the home and note what will be taken out of the home. Leaving this list with your realtor saves you time on answering those questions later as well as gives your potential buyers an accurate depiction of what to expect to see left in the home after you’ve moved all your items out. 



    If you’ve done a renovation previously or would have liked to expand an area, make sure you can provide the permits. This is a huge help to buyers who will need this information and saves them time from having to do it themselves. 


    Replace Light Bulbs

    During open houses, each light should be turned on in the home. This is in order to show the home in the most presentable way. Because of this, you want to make sure all of your light bulbs are in good working order, no dark hallways or flickering lights! 


    Finish Small Repairs

    Either hire someone to do the tasks for you, or make it a point to knock out those tasks before an open house. This includes but is not limited to, fixing leaky faucets, tightening handles / pulls, and greasing squeaky doors. These may seem like small, insignificant tasks but they really do make all the difference!




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