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    Common Home Selling Mistakes



    First time selling your home? This article is for YOU! We want you to be well informed about what to expect so that you don’t find yourself in any of these common home selling mistakes like previous buyers.


    For Sale By Owner (FSBO)

    A common thought amongst homeowners who want to take on the challenge of selling their own property is that they will make more money than if they hire a realtor. While this may be true in some circumstances, it is not true for the overwhelming majority. Real estate agents have a whole network to turn to throughout the home buying / selling process. They have appraisers, a network of home buyers, and are masters at the many different forms of paperwork that need to be filled out. Going with an agent will save you time, money, and a whole lot of stress throughout the process.


    Unprofessional Listing Photos

    Please refrain from snapping a few phone photos of your home and putting those on the MLS as your listing photos. It sounds like a great way to save on costs of marketing your home, but this is the first impression of your home to potential buyers and easily the make or break decision in someone deciding they want to view your home in person or not. This does not mean we recommend spending a lot of time or money on listing photos, but they are important and should be handled with care.


    Bad Open Houses or No Open Houses

    Open houses are a great way to get a lot of people into your home without making multiple showing times for each interested party. They also offer a low commitment to the buyers as they’re able to stop by as their schedules allow! When opening your home for an open house, make sure each room is staged appropriately, bathrooms are clean (read: extremely clean), and there are no foul smells. Buyers can be sensitive to smell, whether it may be pet odor or your breakfast from the morning, so make sure to open all the windows to air your home out. Additionally, do not overstimulate potential buyers with a new candle scent in each room. While well-intentioned, this typically has an adverse effect and you may leave your guests with a headache when they leave.


    Are you a seasoned home seller? What are some mistakes you wish you could’ve avoided during the home selling process?


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